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High Carb Fat Loss will work for weight loss regardless of your workout plan (or even if you don’t workout).

That being said…

I have a radically effective workout course called “Visual Impact Ageless” that accelerates fat loss.

This isn’t for sale on my website, since I haven’t developed a full sales page for it yet.

Once we develop a full sales page…

It will go for $37 like our other premium courses.

Here’s your chance to pick it up for $27.

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Visual Impact Ageless $27

I created this course for people over 35 who want to stay lean and sexy for life (I’m almost 50).

My background involves training fashion and runway models to get in shape for photo shoots. Although a lot of us are past that age, we still want to look as attractive as possible.


I offered this to my email list for 72 hours only.

I thought it would only sell to people who were over the age of 35, but I was WRONG.

I couldn’t keep the younger readers (20s and early 30s) away…

…and they dig it!

Pretty funny actually.

The meaning of “Ageless” in Visual Impact Ageless has now changed from 35+ … to a course that works well regardless of age.

The young people ruined it all 🙂

What is the course about?

I’ll do my best to summarize in bullet-points.

Some Highlights from the Course:
  • Principles I learned by training for 2 years alongside the fittest 75 year old I’ve ever seen. His hot wife was 70 and used these SAME principles.
  • How to do cardio in a way that does NOT age you. It will make you younger and FULL of energy if done properly.
  • Strength training methods that will help your body move like a younger person’s. How to do this without beating up your joints.
  • Here’s how almost EVERY lean person I know diets… yet this diet structure is NEVER Covered in Weight Loss Books.

What I have found is that when you hit your 40s, 50s and beyond… getting and staying lean gets more difficult.

My background is training ridiculously good looking men and women (models) who are mainly in their 20s.

I’m great at that, but now that I’m almost 50…

My interest has switched to people in the 35-65 (and beyond) age group.

Being older is a small price to pay for getting to live through the 1980’s (you had to be there to understand). 


If you were old enough to see Sixteen Candles or Breakfast Club in the movie theater…

This will work for you.

If the very first time you saw those movies was on DVD or Netflix…

This will STILL work for you.

If you are in your 20s it will just be a MUCH faster process (yes… we are all slightly jealous of your youth).

A Few More Highlights:
  • “Full Spectrum Strength Training” – 3 different strength training tempos and rep schemes I recommend as people age.
  • “Full Spectrum Cardio” – 4 different cardio intensity setups that work on any cardio machine… and will rapidly improve your VO2 Max without wearing you out.
  • “Choose Your Own Adventure Workout Templates” – 3 proven workout setups that encourage personalization… getting you in supreme shape, but with a lot of flexibility.
  • An online course that is fully mobile optimized so it reads like a DREAM on your phone.
  • ...and much more. 

You will get immediate access to this mobile-optimized course.

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