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I have two premium weight training courses that each sell for $37:

Visual Impact Muscle Building will be offered on this page for $27.

Visual Impact for Women will be offered on the next page for $27.

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Visual Impact Muscle Building $27

The focus of the course is on building a sleek angular build, not puffy bloated muscles.

I jokingly refer to this type of physique as a “Yacht Bod”.

This is a 3 phase, 6 month program.

  • Phase 1: High Rep Sarcoplasmic Muscle Building (Fast Growth)
  • Phase 2: Medium Rep Myofibrillar Muscle Building (Slower More Permanent Growth)
  • Phase 3: Fat Loss and Density Training.
  • Bonus Phase: Getting the Tight Skin “Shrink Wrap” Effect.

It was created to be used year round, by alternating between the 3 phases.

Some Highlights from the Course:
  • A detailed explanation of what a Mass Building Set “feels” like. This way you can be sure that each set actually builds the muscle instead of just making you sore..
  • Why simply training heavy and using “Progressive Resistance” does NOT guarantee that you will add muscle massHere is what does…
  •  Why Lifting Heavy is better for TONE and Lifting Light is better for MASS. Almost everyone gets this switched around… get this right and you will be able to create the perfect look.
  • A “Bonus Phase” strategy that will pack 5-10 pounds of Fat Free Mass quickly onto your physique right before an event…ensuring shrink-wrapped skin and full muscles.
  • How to specialize on a Lagging Body Part without over-training…turning your weak body parts into strong points.
  • How to split up your routine if you Do NOT want to add mass to your legs, hips, and butt…& how to structure routine if you do need to add size in these areas.

My background involves training fashion and runway models to get in shape for photo shoots.

I’ve been doing this for over a decade now.

My approach will allow you to get lean and strong, while still fitting well into stylish clothing.

Most fitness courses teach people to gain as much muscle as possible.

That isn’t the way to look your best.

  • How to create Rock Hard Muscles that look great 24 hours per day and from any angle (not just while you are training or have a “pump”).
  • How to put on muscle without ever having to worry about looking like a meat-head. How to create the sharp “angular” look, instead of the bloated round look.
  • The proper strategy to get masculine square looking pecs, that makes your chest look like an Armor Plate instead of having typical rounded “bodybuilder” pecs.
  • How to Build Density in Your Abs instead of adding size to this area…getting those deep etched abs that are visible 24 hours per day (not just with good lighting).
  • …and MUCH more.

You will get immediate access to this mobile-optimized course as well as our private Facebook Group.

One-Time Special Offer
Get Visual Impact Muscle Building for $37 Just $27

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