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Visual Impact for Women $27

The focus of Visual Impact for Women is to get in shape, without going up a size or two in jeans.

It’s for women who would rather be built like a Bond-Girl instead of a Fitness Model.

The program emphasizes “Avoiding the Pump”.

Pumping a muscle with blood can increase the capillaries over time.

This is great if you want big “veiny” muscles <— most women do NOT!

Some Highlights from the Course:
  • A recent study which shows that Training to Failure, regardless of rep range, can lead to an Increase in Muscle Size.
  • High Rep Training is likely to create “a pump” in the muscles. This is great for developing Large VASCULAR Muscles <— is that what you are aiming for?
  • Why Adding Muscle to Burn Body Fat is a backward approach to getting lean… What to do instead.
  • Although CARDIO is getting slammed by the fitness industry, it is still the “Go-To” Fat Loss Method for celebrities who need to get lean in a hurry.
  • Dieting Approach that works FLAWLESSLY, whether you like to eat 1-2 times per day…or over 6 times per day.
  • Lifting with Lower Reps, short-of-failure…not only avoids” the pump”…it is the Best Way to firm up a muscle WITHOUT adding size to that muscle.

My background involves training fashion and runway models to get in shape for photo shoots.

I’ve been doing this for over a decade now.

My approach will allow you to get lean and strong, while still fitting well into stylish clothing.

Most women find that traditional fitness courses bulk up certain muscle groups.

That isn’t the way to look your best.

  • Why Increasing Tension when lifting —>Will Increase Muscle TONE… & Increasing Fatigue when lifting —>Will Increase Muscle SIZE.
  • How to strategically combine High Intensity Interval Training with “Steady State Cardio”…to predictably Burn Body Fat on Demand.
  • Free Weights, Machines, Your Body Weight, or Resistance Bands can all provide a fantastic workout, if you have the proper Workout Design.
  • How focusing on a Weekly Calorie Deficit not Daily Calories allows you to lose weight while mixing in High Calorie Meals on a regular basis.
  • A study which PROVES that skipping meals will NOT slow your metabolism <—and a study which shows benefits of occasional fasts.

I believe there is a gap in the fitness industry.

Many women simply want to become slim and strong without appearing overly muscular.

Want to increase strength without without increasing size?

I can help you do that.

Pick up Visual Impact for Women… and learn a superior approach to lifting weights.

  • “Dieting for an Event”…a Detailed aggressive Diet Plan for Losing 10-12 Pounds (or More) in 2 WeeksWARNING…this is effective but tough!
  • A “Go-To” 4 Day Per Week Workout for the Slim “Hollywood Look”.
  • A Special “3-Day-Per-Week” Workout Routine… for women who are busy or simply like to workout a little less than 4 times per week.
  • How to Tweak and Customize these to create countess variations and create the PERFECT routine for the exact look you are after.
  • How to Lose Muscle Mass on Purpose if you have an overdeveloped body part.
  • …and MUCH more!

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