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Visual Impact Fat Loss Boost Diet $20 Only $10

I’ve perfected a 14-day diet plan I use when models need to lose 5-10 pounds of pure body fat ASAP.

This is my go-to “photoshoot prep” diet plan.

It works every time…

This diet plan was originally created by physicians in the mid-70s and is called a “Protein Sparing Modified Fast” (PSMF).

It’s NOT fasting.

The body is given just enough nutrients to maintain muscle.

This is actually more effective than fasting or intermittent fasting.

Fasting can only last 3-5 days but…

With the PSMF approach, you are spending 7-10 MORE days in aggressive fat loss mode… compared to regular fasting.

Weight loss is inevitable.

Most people should expect to lose 5-10 pounds of pure body fat in two weeks (as long as they do things properly).

Many people have more than 10 pounds to lose.

I’ve developed a unique PSMF strategy that works regardless of how much weight you have to lose.

My approach has been streamlined over the past 15 years and is what I consider to be the most effective version of this diet plan.

  • It’s simple
  • It’s systematic
  • It has worked EVERY time a client has followed it
I have finally decided to share my strategy in a course.


Summary of What is Covered:
  • An aggressive 14-day diet plan for losing fat without muscle.
  • An easy formula for figuring out your daily protein requirements.
  • Allowed foods to add to your grocery list.
  • Meal prep strategies.
  • How to tweak this to make it work for a vegan diet.
  • Exercise recommendations.
  • Special event preparation tips.

There’s zero fluff here.

It will only take you 10-15 minutes to read this from start to finish.

I’m sharing the shortest, most direct path I know of… for losing fat as quickly as possible.

The beauty of my strategy is its simplicity.

I wanted to include only what is necessary to ensure success.

I don’t take on private clients anymore, but this was the exact diet strategy I would cover in 30-minute phone consultations.

We just launched this and already getting success stories.


“Finished my 14 days yesterday. In total, I lost 12.8 lbs! That equates to 6.5% of my starting weight. I’m thrilled and definitely up for Round 2 in January! I’ve attached some images with my stats.

“Just want to share my experience. I’m on day 11, tomorrow is my last day. I started at 208.5 and this morning I weighed in at 195.5, so down 13 lbs after 10 days. I have followed this diet very strictly. Not easy but what has kept me going is seeing the weigh scale drop at least 1 lb each day. I’m 55 yrs old and 6 ft tall”

I am down 13lbs, My wife is down 9. Never hungry which is surprising given the daily calorie drop. Biggest issue is when lifting noticeably weaker. Other than that this was surprisingly easy.”

“Starting weight: 143.8 lbs Ending weight: 134.4 lbs. A little over 9 pounds lost and at least a couple of inches! I lost a pants size and got into my skinny jeans! Way more than I was expecting for this first round!”

“Did it for 12 days with 2 days of moderate carb intake for glycogen replenishment. Peak weight loss was 13 lbs, 11 lbs after refeeding this weekend, hair over 2 inches off the waist. Losing a pants size is nothing to sneeze at”

“Day 15. I survived. Results (I’m a 6’0” 42 yo male):
Starting weight: 210.6 lbs
Ending weight: 194.6 lbs
Total loss: 16 lbs
I was amazed at how little hunger I experienced.”

“I have been able to lose 10 pounds using this program. Starting weight 186. Weight this morning was 176.”

I’ve lost 8lbs which is fantastic. Started at 170 ended at 162. Don’t know if these photos show that too well but I did say I’d show them. 🤣”

“Finished the 14 days yesterday, and am down roughly 11-12lbs. Weighed in at 144.4lbs this morning and was probably about 156lbs at the start (in my infinite wisdom, I forgot to weigh myself at the start, so I only have an approximate number). I’m 5’3″ btw. I’m hoping to do this again in a month or so..”

“I finished today after 10 days. I’m 6’2” and went from 190.6 to 180.8 lbs. Lost 1.8% body fat per my Tanita scale (electrical impedance). Lost an inch from my waist which is primarily where I store fat.”

“I finished Day 14 yesterday. As of this morning, I have lost 11.4 pounds of scale weight. I am now back to my pre-pandemic weight. In 14 days, I lost nearly 9% of my starting body weight. Which was high.”

“Finished up day 14 yesterday. There shall be no photos of my middle aged middle. 😂 I lost 12 lbs, even after having a momentary lapse of reason the evening of day 12 when my husband coerced me into going out to dinner before going back on lockdown in PA.”

I’ve used this simple approach for years because it flat-out works.

If you have lingering body fat?

This is how you quickly get rid of it…

One-Time Special Offer
Get Visual Impact Fat Loss Boost for $20 Just $10

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