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On Tuesday, Nov 14th Rusty Moore and Mark Kislich are launching High Carb Fat Loss. This is the first diet course in the Visual Impact lineup.

This will be released for $27 during the launch week.

The price will get raised to $67 when the launch ends a few days later at 11:59pm PST Friday, Nov 17th.

We know your customers will love both the course material and the presentation.

This is an online course that looks fancy schmancy and easy-to-read on mobile.

Here’s a quick video about the course and why we are pumped.

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Subject: Under 6% Body Fat from Eating Carbs?

Surely you can’t get super lean eating mainly pasta, bread, and rice.

…or can you?

There’s an Olympic Strength & Conditioning coach in Iceland who stays at around 6% body fat eating a carb based diet.

His name is Mark Kislich and he is in his mid-40’s.

Here’s a picture of him from this past Spring.

Here’s the crazy part?

He’s been eating a carb-based diet for 5 years.

Fats are kept at around 8%.


He gets only about 60-80 grams of protein per day.

His strength, muscle mass and testosterone levels are all at high levels, eating a diet that many believe SHOULDN’T work.

He isn’t genetically gifted either.

Here’s a head-shot of Mark.

He was 265 pounds on the left and was very active and lifting regularly.

Click Here for More Details on Mark’s Approach

Interesting stuff.


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It’s close to impossible for your body to convert and store carbs as body fat to any significant degree.

The fat you see on your body is from the fat you eat.

Tommorrow I will send an email about a study where they had to force feed 5,000+ calories of carbs per day to even see a tiny bit of fat gain.

The participants had a hard time eating the amount of food required.

Mark limits fats to 8%, and as a result, stays ripped year round.

Click Here for More Details on Mark’s Diet


Subject: Carbs RARELY Get Stored as Body Fat

If you didn’t know any better, you would think carbs are the top cause of body fat and obesity.

Here’s what is funny.

Carbs rarely get stored as body fat (to any significant degree).

They can cause the fat you eat to get stored as body fat.


It is the dietary FAT that gets stored as body fat, NOT the carbs.

The term for converting carbs to fat is called De Novo Lipogenesis.

The body doesn’t even like to do this.

Your body typically ramps up your metabolism when you ramp up carb intake to burn off the carb calories.

There’s a study where it took participants 5,000+ calories of carbs each day for days before any significant De Novo Lipogenesis took place.

Glycogen Storage Capacity and De Novo Lipogenesis During Massive Carbohydrate Overfeeding in Man

The participants could hardly do it.

They had to stuff their faces with bagels.

…and every time they increased calories, their metabolism would increase proportionately.

Drastically reducing the fat you eat and replacing those calories with carbs is a simple way to get lean.

Most low-fat diets of the past consider 35% fat as “low fat”.

The magic happens when you reduce fats to 8-10%.

Icelandic Olympic Strength and Conditioning Coach, Mark Kislich, stays ripped year round eating a diet of 8% fat.

He has teamed with Rusty Moore to create a course based on this exact low fat approach.

The course is called, High Carb Fat Loss and it outlines how to get lean quickly eating a diet based on carbs like rice, oatmeal, potatoes, bread etc.

Rusty Moore is a former trainer to runway models.

His “Visual Impact” brand is aimed at people who want to have maximum muscle definition while still being able to fit into stylish clothing.

He took Mark’s fat loss diet blueprint and turned it into an online course.

Rusty is releasing High Carb Fat Loss for $27 this week only.

It goes up to $67 at midnight this Friday.

The course is all online.

I logged in yesterday and was blown away by how awesome the site looks on mobile.

(You will see what I mean after you login.)

Pick up High Carb Fat Loss for $27




I was worried that a high carb diet would cause insulin issues.


Something special happens to the body when you keep fats under 10%.

Here’s a chart from Mark & Rusty’s course.

Studies of populations confirm health markers tend to do well when fat is either over 65% or under 10% of daily calories.

Keto and low carb diets (over 65% fat) are popular.

Mark & Rusty are extremely familiar with ketogenic diets and acknowledge that they CAN work for weight loss.

…but are absolutely convinced that low fat (under 10%) is more optimal for long-term health and fat loss.

It’s not that the ketogenic approach is wrong.

…it’s just that there are added benefits to eating low fat (under 10%) that the ketogenic diet doesn’t have.

I highly recommend you pick up their course if fat loss and optimal health is your goal.

Get High Carb Fat Loss for $27 (Limited Discount)


Subject: How to Boost Your Metabolism While Losing Weight

Most weight loss approaches involve fat loss at the cost of your metabolic rate.

Put simply, they slow your metabolism to a crawl.

Carbs are what fuels your metabolism.

When you limit carbs?

Your metabolism tends to slow down over time.

This is probably the biggest issue with drastically reducing carb intake.

Take the ketogenic diet, for instance.

The ketogenic diet can get people lean, but it can also slow down the metabolism.

This causes rebound weight gain if someone goes off of this diet.


Some (not all) low carb advocates start to gain weight after following the low carb diet for many years.

High carb low fat diets just skip some of the metabolic issues associated with low carb diets.

Diets require a deficit for weight loss.

(Calories in minus calories out.)

Carbs increase the “calories out” part of the equation because glucose gets your metabolism revving.

Olympic Trainer, Mark Kislich, is able to stay around 6% body fat year round following a high carb low fat approach.

He has teamed with fitness author Rusty Moore to outline his low fat approach. This NEW course is called:

High Carb Fat Loss

When following the High Carb Fat Loss approach.

  • You are either losing body fat from a calorie deficit.
  • OR maintaining body fat when calories in equal calories burned.
  • You are never backtracking on your fat loss journey.

By keeping fat to a minimum, it is unlikely you are going to store any body fat.

…and the body struggles to convert carbs to fat.

Because of this, you aren’t going to gain fat even on high-calorie days.

This diet is a direct path to getting lean.

*No more backtracking.

It also powers your metabolism.

*No more yo-yo dieting.

It works extremely well.

Click here to get High Carb Fat Loss for $27

The price goes up to $67 on Friday at midnight.




Mark is in his mid 40’s and got lean just 3-4 months after increasing his carbs and keeping fats to 8-10%.

His diet is mainly starch based carbs and vegetables.

Carbs like rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, etc.

He really only gets 60-80 grams of protein per day.

He has been able to maintain muscle mass on this level of protein (for 5 years).

Mark doesn’t even track protein and believes “protein guilt” is one of the top reasons people have a tough time getting lean.

This isn’t a vegan diet.

Mark is vegan and Rusty is not.

Mark’s vegan plan is covered.


Rusty is including the diet plan he and fellow non-vegans are using with massive success.

Pick it up during this launch week for just $27. The price gets raised to $67 on Friday at midnight.

High Carb Fat Loss $27 (launch special)


Subject: Some People Can Eat ANYTHING and Stay Lean!

Doesn’t it drive you nuts when you meet a person with a flawless physique who’s diet consists of burgers, fries, donuts, etc?

When many people meet Olympic Trainer, Mark Kislich, they tend to assume he’s always been super lean.

He’s in his mid 40’s and looks this way year-round.

Mark has been eating a starch-based low fat diet for 5 years.


When people see him eating a huge bowl of pasta, they assume he is genetically blessed.

This isn’t the case.

He just has figured out that low fat and high carb diets work amazing well when done properly.

Mark is releasing his fat loss methodology this week in a NEW course called High Carb Fat Loss.

He has teamed with fitness author Rusty Moore.

When High Carb Fat Loss was first announced, Rusty received a funny response on Facebook.

“He is 1 vs 100s of others on high fat diet. Maybe he is a genetic wonder? Is it right to promote a diet that works on 1% of the population?”

Rusty included this comment in the course.

…and points out that this is ironic for a few reasons.

1. Low fat diets are how we got lean for decades before low carb got trendy again in the 2000’s.

Bodybuilders typically would reduce fats to 5-10% before competing.

2. Some of the leanest and healthiest populations like Okinawans (6% fat), Thai (9% fat), Highlanders of Papua New Guinea (3% fat), all eat a high carb low-fat diet.

Starch-based diets, potatoes in Europe or Rice in Asia, have literally helped BILLIONS of people thrive.

3. Mark isn’t a genetic wonder. He struggled with his weight until he reduced fats to 8-10%.

Here’s a picture.

Keto and low carb diets are the diets that are largely unproven over the long term.


Low carb diets are wildly popular now, but we won’t know about the long-term effects for a few decades.

The most credible example I’ve seen for reducing fats is this cardiac surgeon.

Dr. Ellsworth Wareham is a 103 year-old surgeon who trained heart surgeons until he was 95.

He switched to a carb based low fat diet 50 years ago after seeing much more plaque in the arteries of meat eaters vs those who follow a vegan diet.

Dr. Wareham saw first hand for decades what excessive fats could do to arteries.

He was so disturbed he switched to a low fat vegan diet.

He recommends eating a low fat to keep cholesterol levels down.

A lot of low carb advocates try to discount the effect of cholesterol.

Dr. Wareham disagrees.

He still drives at the age of 103, by the way.

The High Carb Fat Loss approach doesn’t just work for Mark or Rusty.

…it has more real-world proof than the trendier low carb diets.

It’s not a vegan diet.

It’s a high carb low fat diet with vegan and non-vegan options.

It’s just $27 until Friday at midnight.

High Carb Fat Loss $27 (Limited Discount)

After that, the price gets raised to $67.




This course is fully mobile optimized and looks killer on your phone.

As soon as you order you will be able to login and read about all the delicious carbs.

Rusty mixed in some funny stories to keep it entertaining and easy to read.

Get it while it is still offered at over 50% off.

High Carb Fat Loss $27 (Limited Discount)