Visual Impact Eccentric Calisthenics (Table of Contents)

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Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction
Module 2 Eccentric Training 101
Unit 1 What is Eccentric Training?
Unit 2 Why Eccentric Training? Meta-Studies Overview
Module 3 Eccentric Calisthenics
Unit 1 Core Principles
Unit 2 Exercise Selection
Module 4 Workouts
Unit 1 Bodyweight Workout
Unit 2 Kettlebell Workout
Unit 3 DIY Workout
Module 5 Fine Tuning
Unit 1 Eccentric Training for Beginners
Unit 2 Eccentric Training for Injury Prevention and Recovery
Unit 3 *Update: 9 Months of Using Eccentric Training
Module 6 Conclusion
Unit 1 Final Thoughts
Module 7 Downloadable PDF
Unit 1 Downloadable PDF