High Carb Fat Loss


A high carb diet plan for fat loss.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction
Module 2 Explanation
Unit 1 Societies That Have Thrived on High Carb Diets
Unit 2 How Carbs Are Used by Your Body
Unit 3 Carbs Rarely Get Converted & Stored as Body Fat
Unit 4 The Popularity of Low Carb Diets
Unit 5 Carbohydrates and Your Metabolism
Unit 6 How Much Protein Do We Really Need
Unit 7 The Psychology of a Fat Loss Diet
Unit 8 Why This Diet Works Incredibly Well for Fat Loss
Unit 9 Is a High Carb Diet Healthy?
Unit 10 Insulin, Glycogen, and Fat Loss
Module 3 Diet Plan Outline
Unit 1 An Introduction to the High Carb Low Fat Plans
Unit 2 Rusty's “Regular Food” HCLF Diet Plan
Unit 3 Mark's Advanced HCLF Diet Plan
Module 4 Sample Meals
Unit 1 Dinners and Large Meals
Unit 2 Small Meals and Snacks
Unit 3 Supplements
Module 5 Conclusion
Unit 1 Final Thoughts
Unit 2 FAQS
Unit 3 The HCFL Facebook Group
Module 6 Downloadable PDF
Unit 1 Downloadable PDF