Visual Impact Frequency Training


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Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 A Paradigm Shift In Resistance Training
Module 2 Frequency Training Principles
Unit 1 Muscle Tone & Muscle Density Overview
Unit 2 The Central Nervous System and Muscle Tone
Unit 3 Learning from Eastern European Olympic Teams
Unit 4 Workout Frequency and Muscle Recovery
Unit 5 Split Routines VS Full Body Routines
Unit 6 The Low Volume High Frequency Routine
Unit 7 Explosive Day Training in Detail
Unit 8 TUT Day Training in Detail
Unit 9 A Sample Low Volume High Frequency Routine
Unit 10 Cardio for Glycogen Depletion and Calorie Burn
Unit 11 Dieting for Fat Loss
Unit 12 Tracking Your Progress
Unit 13 Tweaking the Program for Max Results
Unit 14 Final Thoughts
Module 3 Frequency Training Videos
Unit 1 Explosive Training Videos
Unit 2 TUT Training Videos
Module 4 Updates
Unit 1 January 2019 Update
Module 5 Downloadable PDF
Unit 1 Downloadable PDF