Visual Impact Ageless


Online course for Visual Impact Ageless.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction
Module 2 Ageless Principles
Unit 1 Don't Let a Day Go By Without Exercise
Unit 2 Always Save Something for Tomorrow
Unit 3 VO2 Max, Long-Term Health and Energy Levels
Unit 4 Maintain Fast Twitch Fibers to Move Like the Young
Unit 5 Conquer the Exercise Habit Before Diet
Unit 6 Eat for Energy and Exercise Becomes Easier
Unit 7 Full Spectrum Strength Training
Unit 8 Full Spectrum Cardio
Unit 9 Summary of Principles and Cliff Notes
Module 3 Ageless Workouts
Unit 1 “Choose Your Own Adventure” Workout Templates
Unit 2 2 Day Workout Template
Unit 3 3 Day Workout Template
Unit 4 4 Day Workout Template
Module 4 Conclusion
Unit 1 Final Thoughts
Module 5 Downloadable PDF
Unit 1 Downloadable PDF