Visual Impact Cardio

Master the skill of losing body fat through aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction: Losing Body Fat as a Skill
Module 2 Cardio Principles
Unit 1 The Calories Burned After Exercise Don't Amount to Much
Unit 2 Focusing on Calories Burned During the Workout
Unit 3 Calories Burned: Intervals vs Steady State
Unit 4 Interval Training Summary
Unit 5 How Interval Training Actually Works
Unit 6 Calorie Deficit, Calorie Burning, & Fat Loss
Unit 7 Burning Stubborn Body Fat
Unit 8 Calories, Food, and Workout Timing
Unit 9 Improving Popular Fat Loss Programs
Unit 10 Separating Your Fat Loss Routine from Your Resistance Training
Module 3 Cardio Workouts
Unit 1 Visual Impact Cardio Preparation
Unit 2 The Beginner's Cycle
Unit 3 The Intermediate Cycle
Unit 4 The Advanced Cycle
Unit 5 The Maintenance Plan
Module 4 Conclusion
Unit 1 Final Thoughts
Module 5 References
Unit 1 References
Module 6 Printable Cardio Journal
Unit 1 Printable Journal and Manual in PDF