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Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction
Module 2 Diet Fundamentals
Unit 1 Crash Dieting With Precision
Unit 2 How Much Protein and Calories Per Day?
Unit 3 How Much Body Fat Can You Expect to Lose?
Module 3 Diet Plan
Unit 1 Allowed Foods
Unit 2 Meal Prep Strategies
Unit 3 Simple Meals
Unit 4 Protein Sources (Ranked)
Module 4 Additional Strategies
Unit 1 Exercise Recommendations
Unit 2 Tips for Making This Easier
Unit 3 Special Event Preparation
Unit 4 Eating After a 14-Day Round
Unit 5 Cheat Sheet
Module 5 Conclusion
Unit 1 Final Thoughts
Module 6 Downloadable PDF
Unit 1 Downloadable PDF Files